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Patient EHR Data

Patient EHR Data
Reduce the time spent shuffling through paper documents and keep your Patients' medical records and data in one centralized system.

Patient History & EHR

Reduce the time spent shuffling through paper documents and keep your Patient data just one click away!

Patient History & EHR

Keep you financial record organized and transparent. WorldMedic AAMS reduces time spent on managing records with simplified financial statistics.

Inventory Warnings

Keep your clinic operations running without any interruptions and receive a heads-up as soon as any of your inventory items is low.

Data Privacy

WorldMedic AAMS evolves all around security. With complete control of data privacy, private information of you and your Patient is always protected.

Access Levels

Avoid confusion, system abuse and possible mismanagement by setting up and granting distincive access levels based on your staff types.


WorldMedic AAMS can be used throughout multiple branches and make seamless collaboration across all your clinics possible, regardless of their location.


Need any particular new functions? No problem! we are available to further customize WorldMedic AAMS to best suit your needs!

Recent Activity

Spend less time evaluating your clinic's performance. WorldMedic AAMS keeps track of everything by logging every action throughout the day.

Live Updates

Live login updates from your staff will make your clinic more efficient and will result in less time managing your ongoing or upcoming queues.